RCIA and Adult Confirmation [Sample Page]
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Link to Liturgy's Basic Course is a walk through the Liturgical Year beginning with All Souls and ending with Pentecost. This course uses the Gospels from Sunday's in the Liturgical Year as a way to unpack crucial elements of Catholic prayer, belief, and life. The Basic Course is great for those becoming Catholic (RCIA) and those coming back home (Adult Confirmation). The first column gives the Mass from the Liturgical Year where the lesson is taken from. The second column gives the title of the lesson or packet and a link to that lesson or packet. The third column gives a link to the instruction video for the lesson. The Basic Course is broken up into four main areas and a retreat.

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God so loved…
Liturgical Year Link to Liturgy Lessons Videos
All Souls Packet - Eternal Exchange of Love Eternal Exchange of Love [28:59]
4th Sunday of Advent Lesson - L.E.A.P. The lame shall L.E.A.P [28:41]
Christmas Packet - The Epiphany of Our Lord The Epiphany [31:31]
Christmas Packet - The Baptism of Our Lord Two Waters [43:22]

The Good
Liturgical Year Link to Liturgy Lessons Videos

2nd Sunday
Ordinary Time

Packet - Wedding at Cana Life and Marriage
6th Sunday of OT
4th Sunday of OT
Packet - Fully Human
Packet - The Beatitudes
28th Sunday of OT Packet - Good Teacher  

Retreat (Life of Christ)

Liturgical Year Link to Liturgy Lessons Videos
1st Sunday of Lent Packet - The Temptation of Christ

Temptation of Christ [33:55]

3rd Sunday of Lent Packet - Woman at the Well

Conversation to Conversion [32:17]

5 Sunday of Lent Packet - Seven Words (Part I)
Packet - Seven Words (Part II)

Seven Words [34:09]

Life of Christ

Liturgical Year Link to Liturgy Lessons Videos
Holy Thursday/Corpus Christi Packet - Bread of Life

Corpus Christi [20:16]

Good Friday Lesson - Seven Last Words

Seven Last Words and the Mass [36:02]


Packet - Christ is Risen! 
Indeed He is Risen!

The First Day [43:47]

Life of the Church

Liturgical Season Link to Liturgy Lessons Videos
Divine Mercy Sunday Packet - Divine Mercy

For the Sake... [44:25]

28th Sunday Ordinary Time Packet - The Nature of the Church  
Pentecost Lesson - The Power of Pentecost  

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